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La divina Meryl

Il 22 Giugno 1949 nasceva colei che... considered by many movie reviewers to be the greatest living film actress (IMDb).
Come non condividere quanto scritto da Francesca Pellegrini su MyMovies…
la sublime raffinatezza interpretativa, originata da quell'animo di artista sensibile, ha fatto della divina Meryl Streep la migliore attrice vivente?

Lady Oscar, definizione di Sky che qualche tempo fa le ha dedicato uno speciale, scrivendo nella sua rivista: "Meryl Streep, ovvero la migliore antidiva di Hollywood vincitrice di due Oscar. Mostruosamente brava, incredibilmente affascinante, straordinariamente camaleontica.
Con il suo perfezionismo ha cesellato sullo schermo un incredibile quantitativo di memorabili figure femminili..."

E di lei hanno detto:

Meryl is got to be one of those phenomena, like Garbo, that happen once in a generation.
Mike Nichols
There is nobody better.
Renee Zellweger
Meryl embodies everything a great, worthwhile artist is about.
James Woods
Her performance (as Sophie) is simply the most amazing that I have ever seen.
William Styron
Directing Meryl Streep is much like falling in love; it has the characteristics of a time that you remember as magical and creative, but which is shrouded in mystery.
Mike Nichols
If there is a heaven for directors, it would be to direct Meryl Streep your whole life, and my wish for the world is that Meryl will [someday] be 90 years old, acting in a great role written about a 90-year-old woman.
Alan J. Pakula
She can actually vanish into another person, in every role she becomes a totally new human being.
Sydney Pollack
Meryl has always been somebody that I have always just warmed to as a person, as an actor, as the most extraordinary actress of her time. And so the chance to just share, even though we do not share any scenes, to share the film with her is very important for me, and I have it now forever. And that ìs very, very special.
Nicole Kidman
It was exciting to work with Meryl, it ìs always exciting to work with Meryl. I mean, she is just such an extraordinary actress and a wonderful person and a fun person to be with.
Julianne Moore
When I first had a conversation with Scott Rudin, he said "What do you think about Meryl Streep?" -- I said, "I would DIE to work with Meryl Streep. . . that would just be a fantastic treat.
Stephen Daldry
She is past the analyzing of the character. Her training and her experience have taken her to a point where she can be effortless with a lot of things other people have to work really hard at.
Robert Redford
Acting is an intimate thing. When you entrust someone with something very private, a tremendous bond of intimacy develops, and that intimacy is like love. I can feel everything with Meryl, because she offers everything to respond to.
Kevin Kline
With Meryl you really feel very close to someone like her, because she just projects that "thing." And you know that she too is looking out for you, even though she's doing her role.
Al Pacino
She is a tremendously important artist in our time. She is historically important.
William Hurt
In the category of best actress, ever. The nominees are: Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep. and Meryl Streep. And the winner is, guess who. . . .at first I was a little nervous, you know, ... But lucky for me, she was open. . . and willing to learn. . . .there is no bad film on this woman. There are no flaws. That is what I want to know. Where are the flaws? What are you man? What are you? Shape Shifter!!!! Body Snatcher!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! . . . Seriously though, whether you are a friend, a colleague, or just a person in a dark movie theatre being moved by your many, many beautiful performances, I think we can all agree that no one has ever deserved this honor more. And I know how easily embarrassed you are about compliments and things like that, and it is going to be a very confronting night for you and I do not want to lay it on too thick or anything like that so I' will just say this: You are simply the best! You are better than all the rest! One more thing. I know you are already embarrassed, you wanted this not to happen I'm sure. God bless you, as you have blessed us, and as He has blessed us through you.
Jim Carrey, from the "AFI Tribute to Meryl Streep"
To be in presence of Meryl is to be on the receiving end of how far she goes in her exploration of the human experience. By putting life before art, Meryl Streep has made the choice of a trailblazing pioneer. . .and in the process became genius of my generation. It is true, is not it? I mean let is face it, okay. It is just mindblowing to look at all these clips and just see these, I do not know. It is a little too much for me, frankly. It is overwhelming. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to recognize the inevitable: that giving love is the true measure of a great artist. Thanks.
Diane Keaton, from the "AFI Tribute to Meryl Streep".

Buon compleanno, divina Meryl!

"La mia Africa"

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